Friday, 3 June 2011

Why I hate Sci Fi

I don't hate all Sci Fi, that would be mad. I do hate most of it, though. Here's why.

When facing a dilemma a person has a limited number of choices. With a rabid dog snarling on their path, running away or kicking the crap out of it are the only likely scenarios. There may be a broken bottle nearby or a hoodie with a samurai sword he's nicked but that's about it. There's a rabid dog, sort it out.

When it comes to Sci Fi there are endless possibilities. This is fantastic for writers and readers with amazing imaginations, however when I pick up a book or watch a film I tend to want a plausible conclusion - battered heads, broken legs, even a counselling session where the rabid dog realises the error of it's ways, apologises and takes the time to contact anybody it may have upset over the years.

An infinite number of improbable weapons or situations such as time travel have never appealed to me as, at the time of going to press, it could never happen. I've dreamed of what I might do if I could travel back in time, leaving the images firmly in my head. I don't want to deny anybody their right to the sublime, it's more that my subconscious can't detach itself from real life. I have a long writing career ahead of me if all goes well and I'm sure I will run out of probable scenarios, but when I do make sure I haven't fallen into another world in another dimension.

My feet should remain firmly on the ground at all times.