Sunday, 18 May 2014

One To Maybe Miss - A film review about Yves Saint Laurent

Fashion is a peculiar practice. What makes something popular depends on a number of things such as the position of the moon, whether people can be bothered to look at an item and what colour sand lies on the nearest beach and yet, when something becomes popular, it is no longer popular because everyone has one. Fashion never stands still as it is always moving forward, however sometimes it needs to move sideways or even backwards to move forwards. I’m sure it’s not laziness when a designer takes something from thirty years ago and sells it for twice as much as it’s worth. I’m absolutely positive. 

People who are fashionable often take the opportunity to sneer at those not currently following the same trends and it’s easy to see why. Those with upturned noses have about three days to enjoy it before they have to go shopping again for new clothes and a complete makeover of their house and they can start sneering again. Some people bankrupt their families in the pursuit of acceptance and know they’re ruining themselves but can’t seem to stop. I know of people who get rid of last season’s stuff because they suddenly would never be seen dead in it despite the fact it still serves a purpose – keeping the wearer warm or cool or, at the very least, covering our desirables. 

To sit and watch a film about people who spend their lives fleecing the ignorant would be a horrendous waste of my life and would fuel the perception that what they do is necessary and valuable. What fashion houses actually do is create yet another divide between people who should be working together for a better future. I may sound like a hippy for saying so but I would much rather build a society without creative and social prejudices than wear jeans with stains on them and laugh at people who genuinely think they look alright.