Saturday, 11 February 2012


February the 14th is probably in your diaries as a date for cuddling up and getting involved with your other half or, at least, checking on them with your binoculars if you haven't yet been formally introduced.

Mark your diary again for the release of my debut novel, Banned. Here's the back cover to tell you what it's about. We're also relaunching that day, so make that your first stop for eBook or print copies.

"Pints. Lines. Fans. Lights. Gigs. Knives. Sex. Fights.

Not for the easily offended, this story offers no escape to an idyllic place or any insight into the life of those in the limelight.

Welcome to the world of Heroine of the Speed Machine, a band born of nothing that always looked towards the stars. This is one member's account of life on the road and in the studio as they battle between making the music and taking the substances. All the glamour of celebrity is stripped away in this raw account of sleeping rough, staying on top and scoring as often as possible."