Sunday, 3 April 2011

Kama Slumber Q&A

I have been asked to do a Kama Slumber Q&A, so here it is as it was posted on Twitter. @Scott_Ruminates asks the questions. Here we go...

Q1. In 140 characters or less can you describe what Kama Slumber aims to provide the reader?

Kama Slumber is a tongue-in-cheek look at sleeping positions, not to be taken too seriously. It was written purely to raise a smile.

Q2. What qualities did you see in Helen to star in the book. Was one of them 'laziness'?

I'd seen a few stills of Helen and knew she would be great as a model. Her work is always very professional, which struck me.

Q3. For research purposes, did you trial the positions in bed for several weeks beforehand prior to producing the book?

The only reference I had for the positions was a stickman drawing of each drawn in a notebook. Any alterations were done on shoot day.

Q4. Did you use your own bed in the book?

The bed came from Freecycle about a month before it was needed. It went back on Freecycle the day after the shoot. (

Q5. How long did the book Kama Slumber take to produce?

The photoshoot took about 1 1/2 hours as the light was perfect & we had the notebook as a guide. The writing took around a month or so.

Q6. Did Helen actually fall asleep at any point during the photoshoot?

I loaded Helen with coffee before the shoot to avoid that problem. Each position was shot in 1 take so there was no time to nap.

Q7. Al Murray & Robin Ince both gave Kama Slumber glowing reviews. Are you aware of any other celebrity readers?

I forced the book on Ewen Macintosh and rumour is rife that Gary Barlow stole a copy from a branch of Waterstones.

Q8. What time do you go to bed?

I try to get to bed at a sensible time as I work during the week, but sometimes when I’m writing it can be much later than expected.

Q9. Is Kama Slumber available as an audiobook?

I'm not sure if Kama Slumber would translate well as an audiobook but I will happily produce one on request should a reader need one.

Finally, Q10. Will we be seeing a follow-up to Kama Slumber ?

A follow up is unlikely as I believe the book works well on it's own but I would never rule it out. Anything could happen in the future.

I hope that gives you all a better insight into Kama Slumber. Thanks to @Scott_Ruminates for the questions. Buy your copy at or a copy for your Kindle at Amazon.

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